<- Omni-directional Type

Ensphered Vision can provide spherical surrounded seamless image by using single projector. Sphere is an ideal shape of a screen because distance between eye and screen should be constant while a user rotates the head. Therefore the user can concentrate on surrounded seamless image without disharmony of perspective. this visual display uses a single projector and two mirrors to display a seamless image. The projector lights are diametrically reflected by plain mirror in order to keep user's head in the center of the spherical screen. The lights are then diverged onto screen by a convex mirror. The screen's field of view is 360 degrees horizontally and 125 degrees vertically. The shell of the screen is assembled from eight pieces of shaved styrene foam plastic.

(In this photo,1/4 pieses of the screen is removed)

 Seating Type->

"Enshered Vision" can make to change the range of projected image by optical design. This type is concentrated image pixels in front of veiwer. In this way,this type have higher resolution than omni-derectional type.The display's field of view is 270 degrees horizontally and 100 degrees vertycally,if viwer look at front.

Intoroductory movie for SIGGRAPH99>>

<- Wearable Type

This device is "Wearable Immersive Display"using the projection system of "Enshered Vision". Enshered Vision uses only one projector.Therefor, we can downsizing and lightweight-izing until being wearable. By combining "wide-angle-view" and "non-setting", this display can provide the new possibility that there are nothing to conventional visual displays.